The Sparkly Taboo

Throw on your sequins and enjoy a naughty night out where the beautiful mingle with the bizarre. Whether you’re into the art of the tease, aerial acrobatics or witting innuendoes, this show offers a tantalising selection of Brisbane’s finest performers and you’ll experience a raunchy roulette of circus, burlesque and cabaret delicacies. The Sparkly Taboo … Continue reading The Sparkly Taboo

The Spectacular Circus Show

Come one, come all! Join in the fun of The Spectacular Circus Show! An energetic and comedic circus show adored by both the young and young at heart. This 20 minute stage production is perfect for festivals, school fetes and family friendly events. The ground based show features: The world’s only acrobatic Tiger Topsy Turvy … Continue reading The Spectacular Circus Show