Who We Are

Ever been to a swanky party with a sequin covered aerial dancer suspended from the roof? Or acrobats just casually standing on their hands as you mingle with cocktail in hand? There’s a good chance it was us! Aerialicious is the premier entertainment company for aerialists and circus entertainment in South East Queensland, bringing unique entertainment experiences to the corporate functions and special events industries.

After 8 years working as one of Australia’s leading aerialists and aerial choreographers, Tami Dawson co-founded Aerialicious in 2010 as a further extension of her performance work, taking sole ownership in 2012. Working with a team of hand-picked artists, the name Aerialicious has become synonymous with prestigious entertainment.

While exquisite aerial performances are the main attraction, Aerialicious is also well known for their daring acrobatics and quirky roving characters. Aerialicious sub-contracts over 30 artists annually, bringing many, many exclusive and unique character creations to life.

In recent years, Aerialicious has expanded into stage productions, first creating The Spectacular Circus Show, a 20 minute ground-based traditional circus style show suitable for families and festivals. This show was featured at the 2015 Teneriffe Street Festival to roaring applause. Find out more about The Spectacular Circus Show.

At the end of 2015, after many years of creative thoughts and development, Aerialicious’ first full-length theatre style stage show was born. The Sparkly Taboo debuted at Wonderland Festival, Brisbane Powerhouse, to a sell-out season. Find out more about The Sparkly Taboo.